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For the low cost help you need with legal documents.
A to Z Independent Paralegal and Mobile Notary Service can provide you with the affordable legal documents that you need to protect your estate and reduce stress on your loved ones and beneficiaries.
Since we are a mobile service, we will meet with you in the comfort of your own home, a Senior Center, or a local coffee shop, your choice. Whatever works best for you!
Our Services
While we cannot offer you any legal advice, we have legal forms and can help you with them.
  1. Power of Attorney
    UNLIMITED POWER OF ATTORNEY An unlimited POA gives the person you designate the legal right to sign your name on any legal document. It allows someone to access your bank account in order to pay your bills, etc.
  2. Living Trust
    No matter how rich or poor, how old or young, if you own a home or other real estate or have minor children you should have a Trust. With a Trust you designate your beneficiaries and establish an automatic transfer to your beneficiaries without costly and time consuming probate court.
  3. Wills
    A will is mostly used to transfer ownership of personal property upon your death. Things of value, such as: grandma's wedding ring, a coin collection, etc. can be bequeathed in a will. If you use a will to transfer real estate it will have to go to probate court.
  4. Power of Attorney
    LIMITED POWER OF ATTORNEY This form allows you to designate a person to sign for you in a limited capacity, such as for one real estate transaction while you are away and cannot sign for yourself.
  5. Quit Claim Deeds
    This allows the transfer of your real estate property into or out of your Trust, or to/from another person(s). It is recorded at the County Recorder's office where the property is located.
  6. Medical Advanced Directives
    Who do you want to make your end of life decisions... yourself or someone else if you can't? Now is the time to state your wishes and designate someone to make sure they are carried out.
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